#79/ New From Ispachi and Shag !!

Ispachi have released Another new skin, Johan. Loving it. Again they seem to be getting even better with every new skin . There are so many options of this skin to buy. I personally Love the slashed Option !! (Main Picture)

8 Skin Tones
12 Facial Hair Options
2 Body Hair options
Hair / Bald Base options
Includes: 1 FREE, scripted, sculpted penis which matches the skin

1 skin pack, 1 facial hair option, 4 skins, L$ 999
1 line pack, 4 facial hair options, 16 skins,  L$ 2499
1 full pack, 12 facial hair options, 48 skins,  L$ 4999

Also, Shag have released New Hairs For Culture Shock. Very Nice, as expected always from Shag.

Top Picture

{Skin} – Ispachi – JOHAN Vanilla : Bald/slashed

{Hair} – Shag – Solitary Man – Toffee

Lower Picture

Top Left -Skin : Ispachi – JOHAN Vanilla : Bald/beard

Hair : Shag – Army Of Me – Bistre

Top Right- Skin : Ispachi – JOHAN Vanilla : Bald/slashed

Hair : Shag – Solitary Man – Toffee

Bottom Left- Skin  Ispachi –  JOHAN Vanilla : Bald/Stubble

Bottom Right – Skin – Ispachi – JOHAN Vanilla : Hair/goatee

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#78 – Pretty Fly

{Skin} Kento –  *Kento* Cherish_T3 – Pure(Freckles)

{Hair} [Shag] – DEEP Redux (mens) – Cashmere  NEW!!!

{Jacket} Armidi -Classic Pinstripe Blazer [White]

{Pants} Armidi – Low Rise Chinos [Twig]

{Shoes} Kalnins –  Portrait  Standard

Glasses – [Gos] – Custom Eyewear – SCT    NEW!!!

Necklace – Fusion – Cross Chain Necklace


Finally Broke free Of my Skin Limited posts =D

Ok , So two new releases for you in this Post. Firstly is this Hair and Hat from Shag, Its Part of the  ”49 Linden Sale For Dudes”  Event going on right now. Such a Great Item for so Little Lindens , especially when you take into consideration That Shag are judged,by a lot in SL,  as the best Male hair makers in Second life.

Secondly are these new glasses released From [Gos]. I Dont normally wear Glasses in Sl but of course, anything you get from Gos is going to be of the highest quality and these Glasses are no exception. Complete with texture change , if your looking for a nice, fashionable pair of glasses, [Gos] Is your store.

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#77 – Kento

Kento, has released this awesome new skin which again, I know, Another new skin In sl for guys that Im in love with. I couldnt be happier this year with all the great releases for guys so far.

The greatest feature for me of this skin is that its Just 700 linden and it comes with the skin With and without freckles. Also The skin comes with a shape and come on, You would be paying that much alone for just a shape, especially a shape as good as this.

The Only Downside there is with this skin is that there isnt  a skin with facial hair, as of yet anyway. But If you like clean shaved skins, and are looking for one at a bargain price, I wouldnt go looking any further. This skin is Amazing, as you can see !!


Top Picture

*Kento* Cherish_T3 – Pure(Freckles)


Bottom Picture

*Kento* Cherish_T4 – Pure


Teleport to KENTO

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#76 – Rockin’ at Ispachi

I Know, Im Blogging another skin !! I swear, This year, thus far seems to be the year for Awesome male skins and This new skin from Ispachi is the latest I have got my hands on.

Ispachi Are releasing this Great skin on the 20th Of this month.

His name is Bjorn.

There Is so much I love about this skin, First Ill start with The Penis that comes with the skin, Thats a great ”Pull” towards The skin ( I did a funny :O). Seriously, The skin Is just 999 lindens and comes with an extremely real looking,scripted Penis. Normally a Penis of this Quality in Second life would cost that much alone, Its a truly great bargain, and a Great Idea from The Ispachi Boys .

Apart from That Amazing feature, The skin Itself is everything you would have come to expect from Ispachi Skins as of late, with The great Skin details, shadings and some of the best quality second life skins have to offer. Also , I love Ispachi’s Facial hairs, For me, the most realistic Facial hairs in second life .

All in All, This is a great skin, at a bargain price and you will not be dissapointed with this purchase, guaranteed.


Skin – Ispachi Skin BJORN Creme : Bald/Eyeliner




Skin -Ispachi Skin BJORN Creme : Bald/Chin Curtain



Skin – Ispachi Skin BJORN Vanilla : Bald/Shaved.




Special Thanks to INEX HAX for taking the Pictures for this Post. Her talents are endless . xxxx


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#75 – Another New EGOISME Skin !!!

Egoisme Have released Another Amazing skin, This one is My fave so far and honestly It has Become one of my fave skins for guys in SL , and again, Im very picky.

The ‘Chance’ Skin is So realistic and its really incredibly made.

Again this skin has the option of tone changer (Vividtone) Wich is a priceless element .

Anyway, I think the pictures do All the talking here, I love everything about this skin and I mean Everything!!!

Now, For me, My favourite skin stores in SL are Egisme, Zoobong, and Redgrave. Love them to bits!!



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#74 – Egoisme New SKIN!!!

Meet Antoine, The sexy beast that he is ^_-.

Now, as most of you will Have noticed through-out my blog, I normally stick with a couple of skins, so you can see Im quiet fussy when it comes to skins, mainly because Of my shape I guess(which im too stubborn to change) Not all skins look fantastic on my Av.

But I was really REALLY happy with this new skin from Egoisme. I really Love the details on the body, the shadows and abdomen are done really well. all the details That you expect from a great skin are in this, the veins, dimples on the skin etc. Really great quality!!

But The Greatest feature about this skin is you have the option of making it darker in tone and lighter in tone with tatoo layers that are included in the pack, which is such an awesome idea. No More Buying different shades of skins(which really sucks ass) You get them all in one pack. Basicly its 9 skins for the price of one!!!

The only decision when buying this skin is to buy it with Mustache, clean shaved, Bearded or goatee etc, which is standard.

The skin is also available without the tone changer  for 1600 and with the tone changer its 2100, but I highly recomend this skin. If your a guy, like me and struggling to find good skins for guys, you REALLY Have to check this out, I mean, REALLY!!!

Teleport to Egoisme

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#73 – Chic Limited

Hey everyone!!!!

Been a long bloody tome 😦

Anyways, on with business, Chic Limited opens tonight to the general public and there are some great stuff there!!! Here is a sampler of some of the men’s items for sale 😀

{Skin} Cheerno  –  Brent_Bronze BD Shav

{eyes} Cheerno  –  Eyes.Expression Green 1

{Poncho}  –  NSD  –  Alexander Poncho/Gray&Black

{Pants}  –  no.07  –  Sweet Pants

Loving this skin by Cheerno, and i find it very difficult to find skins I like(as most of you would have noticed) and The eyes that Cheerno have go perfect with it and are a great adition o any inventory, Love these items!!

The Poncho from NSD is awesome!! Is unisex and comes in 6 different colours, a guy could feel like Clint eastwood in it 😉

And again, like from ” The with Love” Hunt, no. 07 has some amazing pants out. There are 2 pants , sweet and sour and they also come with leg warmers with exture change (Not shown above).

All in all, I was a very happy camper when I saw what was on display at Chic Limited, there is awesome furniture, poses, LOTS of ladies fashion and Great stuff for us guys too!

The evnt has 30 of Second life’s bigest names and best of the up and comers and it will run every month with at least 20 new stores each time around, which is a great way to introduce new stores to us and also gives creators a very equal oppertunity!! ❤

This Event is gonna be HUGE, you really dont wanna miss out.

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