Apologies to all of you P*uckers ^^

*cough cough*Dearest Mudda P*luckers……

I do apologise for the coulour of the tip in my previous posts, I should go to colour school or something O.o…Fact is, It is the only ,there I say It, ”Pixel cawk” I have, I dont use them very often and yes, I am aware it looks…not sooo great..

I would encourage you all not to be afraid of it however, its not as If its gonna jump at you and hit you over the head with its grey ,dead,fungi infected smiling face, no no…

Fear not P*luckers, for I wear it very rarely, in fact, never, just thougth it might be better than desiplaying a mangina in my post xD.

P.S. I do suck with those pixels, its true, I dont use ’em, so you were all right, but I would encourage not to take it so seriously, it is afterall, just a pixel 🙂

Peace, Love, Empathy

Orion.  \,,/

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