#73 – Chic Limited

Hey everyone!!!!

Been a long bloody tome 😦

Anyways, on with business, Chic Limited opens tonight to the general public and there are some great stuff there!!! Here is a sampler of some of the men’s items for sale 😀

{Skin} Cheerno  –  Brent_Bronze BD Shav

{eyes} Cheerno  –  Eyes.Expression Green 1

{Poncho}  –  NSD  –  Alexander Poncho/Gray&Black

{Pants}  –  no.07  –  Sweet Pants

Loving this skin by Cheerno, and i find it very difficult to find skins I like(as most of you would have noticed) and The eyes that Cheerno have go perfect with it and are a great adition o any inventory, Love these items!!

The Poncho from NSD is awesome!! Is unisex and comes in 6 different colours, a guy could feel like Clint eastwood in it 😉

And again, like from ” The with Love” Hunt, no. 07 has some amazing pants out. There are 2 pants , sweet and sour and they also come with leg warmers with exture change (Not shown above).

All in all, I was a very happy camper when I saw what was on display at Chic Limited, there is awesome furniture, poses, LOTS of ladies fashion and Great stuff for us guys too!

The evnt has 30 of Second life’s bigest names and best of the up and comers and it will run every month with at least 20 new stores each time around, which is a great way to introduce new stores to us and also gives creators a very equal oppertunity!! ❤

This Event is gonna be HUGE, you really dont wanna miss out.

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