#74 – Egoisme New SKIN!!!

Meet Antoine, The sexy beast that he is ^_-.

Now, as most of you will Have noticed through-out my blog, I normally stick with a couple of skins, so you can see Im quiet fussy when it comes to skins, mainly because Of my shape I guess(which im too stubborn to change) Not all skins look fantastic on my Av.

But I was really REALLY happy with this new skin from Egoisme. I really Love the details on the body, the shadows and abdomen are done really well. all the details That you expect from a great skin are in this, the veins, dimples on the skin etc. Really great quality!!

But The Greatest feature about this skin is you have the option of making it darker in tone and lighter in tone with tatoo layers that are included in the pack, which is such an awesome idea. No More Buying different shades of skins(which really sucks ass) You get them all in one pack. Basicly its 9 skins for the price of one!!!

The only decision when buying this skin is to buy it with Mustache, clean shaved, Bearded or goatee etc, which is standard.

The skin is also available without the tone changer  for 1600 and with the tone changer its 2100, but I highly recomend this skin. If your a guy, like me and struggling to find good skins for guys, you REALLY Have to check this out, I mean, REALLY!!!

Teleport to Egoisme

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