#75 – Another New EGOISME Skin !!!

Egoisme Have released Another Amazing skin, This one is My fave so far and honestly It has Become one of my fave skins for guys in SL , and again, Im very picky.

The ‘Chance’ Skin is So realistic and its really incredibly made.

Again this skin has the option of tone changer (Vividtone) Wich is a priceless element .

Anyway, I think the pictures do All the talking here, I love everything about this skin and I mean Everything!!!

Now, For me, My favourite skin stores in SL are Egisme, Zoobong, and Redgrave. Love them to bits!!



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4 Responses to #75 – Another New EGOISME Skin !!!

  1. Overhemden says:

    I like this skin to… but it’s not my favorite…

    • orion gant says:

      Thats the great thing bout everyone having their own preferences.
      There are a lot of great skins in SL, and Im Shocked at how this store isnt well known yet. Im sure they wont have any problems though with great skins that they are releasing lately!!
      Loveing this skin a hell of a lot though, One of my top 3 fave’s.

  2. That skin looks amazing. Your whole look is amazing.

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