#76 – Rockin’ at Ispachi

I Know, Im Blogging another skin !! I swear, This year, thus far seems to be the year for Awesome male skins and This new skin from Ispachi is the latest I have got my hands on.

Ispachi Are releasing this Great skin on the 20th Of this month.

His name is Bjorn.

There Is so much I love about this skin, First Ill start with The Penis that comes with the skin, Thats a great ”Pull” towards The skin ( I did a funny :O). Seriously, The skin Is just 999 lindens and comes with an extremely real looking,scripted Penis. Normally a Penis of this Quality in Second life would cost that much alone, Its a truly great bargain, and a Great Idea from The Ispachi Boys .

Apart from That Amazing feature, The skin Itself is everything you would have come to expect from Ispachi Skins as of late, with The great Skin details, shadings and some of the best quality second life skins have to offer. Also , I love Ispachi’s Facial hairs, For me, the most realistic Facial hairs in second life .

All in All, This is a great skin, at a bargain price and you will not be dissapointed with this purchase, guaranteed.


Skin – Ispachi Skin BJORN Creme : Bald/Eyeliner




Skin -Ispachi Skin BJORN Creme : Bald/Chin Curtain



Skin – Ispachi Skin BJORN Vanilla : Bald/Shaved.




Special Thanks to INEX HAX for taking the Pictures for this Post. Her talents are endless . xxxx


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